Mark Ollinger was born in 1988 and grew up in Calgary, Alberta. Woodworking and carpentry were a daily part of his early life the skills for which he accrued over time. When he began to develop his own art practice, he created a style that combined his learned trades with an interest in language and street art, specifically graffiti, reframing these skills in a unique sculptural practice. Early on he discovered a passion for art making that became a part of daily life and over time he accumulated skills in freelance graphic design, illustration, silk screening and fabrication, building his practice from the ground up. As a self-taught artist, he experimented with different skilled methods to inform the graphic nature of his practice, which naturally combined with his woodworking experience. In the early 2000’s Mark founded Duality Clothing which he owned and operated for six years while continuing his daily painting practice. Upon moving to Vancouver, Mark began to turn his attention towards his original interest in creating paintings and sculptural works. In 2015 he embarked on an ongoing body of unsanctioned public sculptural installations. These works were installed in Vancouver Toronto and Montreal, as well as internationally in Melbourne, Australia and Los Angeles.

Mark Ollinger’s studio is based in Vancouver BC where he currently lives and works.